Klangkino Gebesee


Let’s put it this way: if red is the colour of love, than this guy is the incorporation of music with heart and soul. It just feels perfect when a surperiour and professional entertainer is behind the decks. Twisting and tweaking knobs, raging hands run over hardware and round up his perfect mixing with a unique performance. Dropping melodic House-Classics with fresh edited rhythms bring me every single time a little higher. His latest release on KLANG GYMNASTIK is an adorable statement of his state of the art sound. A true entertainer with a serious oldschool background and who knows to handle vinyl. His headquater is nothing less than the famous eastern German playgound-club Klangkino Gebesee. Klangkino’s individual style of global headliner booking made the club a legend in the region and PH!L backed up Deep-Underground heroes ever since. Following along with major headliners he manifested his style and backed up large audiences. PH!L is a remarkable example of an entertainer that learned from the big players. A natural talented and musically big entertainer who expresses music over his natural height of 1,69 m

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